Rialto Restaurant & Bar

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dinner menu


Tender Lettuces… radishes, mint, ricotta salata, pickled rhubarb  12

Roasted Asparagus… fried pecorino cheese turnovers, chestnut honey, sherry vinegar  13

Spring Artichoke Salad… chickpeas, fennel, arugula, parmesan, saffron vinaigrette  13

Black Bass Crudo… lemon oil, sea urchin, trout roe, crispy spring onion  15

Citrus Braised Octopus… potatoes, Taggia olives, hot pickled celery, walnuts  14

Pat and Barbara’s Grilled Littlenecks… andouille, toasted garlic bread  15

House Salumi… carta di musica, favas, spicy cress, pecorino sardo  14


Potato Gnocchi… chanterelles, peas, mint, hazelnuts, goat cheese  14/28

Bucatini… lobster, green and red tomatoes, chilis, saffron  16/34

Squid Ink Linguini… squid, bottarga, tempura capers, broken tomatoes  15/30

Spicy Sardinian Seafood Stew… lobster, clams, mussels, monkfish, fregola  17/36

Smooth Cardoon Soup… green garlic pesto, crème fraiche, almonds, prosciutto  14

Fisherman’s Soup… rouille, Gruyère, basil oil  13


Stuffed Braised Cabbage… farro, porcini, chestnuts, tomato sauce, straciatella  26

Butter Poached Lobster… sunchokes, leeks, house bacon, prosecco zabaglione  42

Seared Sea Scallops… horseradish cream, peas, carrots, spring parsnips, cracked wheat, smoked morels  37

Pan Roasted Halibut… brandade fritter, mussels, baby artichokes, nettle pesto  38

Smoked Chicken Breast… confit thigh, spring garlic potato puree, green olives, preserved lemon  32

Braised and Roasted Rabbit… myrtle, roasted potatoes, capers, asparagus  37

Maine Lamb Chop and Roasted Leg… minted ricotta ravioli, spring vegetable stew, nuts, honey  42

Slow Roasted Long Island Duck… braised escarole, roasted fingerlings, Sicilian green olives  42

Grilled Tuscan Sirloin Steak… portabella, arugula, Parmigiano Reggiano, truffle oil  43


Asparagus… garlic, pepper flakes, parsley  7

Wilted Greens… garlic, chilis  7

Peas… chanterelles, goat butter, chervil  8

Crispy Confit Fingerlings  6

Potato puree… pea tips  7


Lemon Verbena Custard… strawberries, cacao nibs, vanilla bean, Szechuan peppercorns, puff pastry  12

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake… cherries, farro crumble, honeycomb candy, crème fraiche ice cream  12

Maple-Pecan Profiteroles… maple-espresso glaze, chocolate sauce, salted pecans, maple ice cream  12

Carrot Cake… grappa and raisin compote, candied carrots, carrot sorbet, almonds, mascarpone sauce  12

Chocolate Crema… chocolate and mint streusel, raspberries, mint ice cream  13

Yogurt Panna Cotta… orange and rhubarb compote, orange spice cookie  12

Trio of Custards… miniature tastes of our chocolate hazelnut cheesecake, yogurt panna cotta and maple profiterole  13

Selection of Three Cheeses… almond stuffed dates  16