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dinner menu


Insalata… summer lettuces, marinated cucumbers, mint, chardonnay vinaigrette   13

Pomodoro… heirloom tomatoes, baby beets, watermelon, basil, ricotta salata   17

Burrata… salsa verde, spicy greens, preserved lemon, Cerignola olives, crisp torn bread   14

Crudo… black bass, baby tomatoes, pickled peaches, grains of paradise   15

POLPI… citrus braised octopus, potatoes, Taggia olives, hot pickled celery, walnuts   16

Pat and Barbara’s Grilled Littlenecks… andouille, toasted garlic bread  15

Salumi… house cured meat, house ricotta, basil, stuffed eggplant with black olive and pecorino   14


Bucatini… lobster, green and red tomatoes, chilis, saffron  17/34

Rigatoni alla calabrese… spicy tomato sauce, pork ‘nduja, Pecorino Romano  16/32

Spicy Sardinian Seafood Stew…

Rabbit Ravioli… basil and anise hyssop pesto, summer truffles, pine nuts, squash blossoms   17/34

Chilled Tomato Soup… peppers, cucumber, corn, freekeh salad, Calabrian chili oil  12

Fisherman’s Soup… rouille, Gruyère, basil oil  13


Roasted Eggplant Agrodolce… golden raisins, pine nuts, mozzarella, saffron tomatoes, chickpea arancini   26

Seared Sea Scallops… horseradish cream, peas, carrots, spring parsnips, cracked wheat, smoked morels  37

Striped Bass Al Forno with Calamari… spicy fennel stuffed squid, salt roasted red onions, crispy shallots, green olives  38

Smoked and Grilled Chicken Peperoncino… fennel puree, Drumlin Farm savolo, roasted baby beets, lemon vinaigrette, basil  32

Braised and Roasted Rabbit… myrtle, roasted potatoes, capers, asparagus  38

Lamb Arrosto… garlic crusted lamb chop, herb marinated leg, artichokes, mushrooms, cauliflower  46

Slow Roasted Long Island Duck… braised escarole, roasted fingerlings, Sicilian green olives  42

Grilled Tuscan Sirloin Steak… portabella, arugula, Parmigiano Reggiano, truffle oil  43


Spicy Cauliflower… parsley   7

Wilted Greens… garlic, chilis   7

Asparagus… lemon, parsley   8

Cracked Wheat… pea tendrils   7

Crispy Confit Fingerlings   6


Strawberry ‘Mimosa’ Cake… native strawberries, lemon cream, Grand Marnier, sponge cake   12

Frozen Chocolate and Licorice Truffle… dark chocolate gelato, Calabrian black licorice gelato, hazelnuts, blackberry sauce   13

Stone Fruit Strudel… pistachio meringue, apricot and ginger curd, vanilla gelato   12

Chocolate Crema… chocolate and mint streusel, raspberries, mint gelato   13

Blueberry Frangipane Tart… braised blueberries, almonds, blueberry gelato   12

Trio di Dolci… miniature tastes of our blueberry frangipane tart, stone fruit strudel and strawberry cake   14

Formaggio… three artisan cheeses, almond stuffed dates   16